Home :: Slimming World 3rd December 2007

I normally hang on until Thursday to post an update, but this news is so good it can’t wait…. tonight Mr Scale showed a loss of 4.5lbs. This takes my total weight loss to…

Seven stones, three and a half pounds


46 kilo


ONE HUNDRED AND ONE AND A HALF POUNDS (please excuse the caps, I’m rather excited).

I achieved my Christmas target three weeks before Christmas! I have never, ever experienced success like this, the plan is easy, my group is lovely, my Consultant is an angel (and so are all the others) … at the risk of sounding like an advert, I have to say if anyone reading this feels they need to do something about their weight, the answer is simple – join a Slimming World group. It works.

And it’s going to keep on working, through Christmas and beyond for all the other exciting targets along the way. So the journey, as ever, continues!

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