Home :: But Mister Scrooge, it’s Christmas Eve!

I’m writing this post on my handheld coming to you live from the hand-picked guatemalan coffee shop at the local hand-picked guatemalan overpriced food and pants emporium. It’s only 8.30am and already the place is heaving with people desperately stocking up on supplies for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to go to work in a bit. I could quite happily sit here all day watching shoppers clear the shelves of mince pies and stuffing, but instead I’ve got to go in to work and spend the day wondering when we can go home.

It’s business as usual tonight, though. Off to Group as usual so I’ll be back later with a festive Slimming World update. Now to sink this espresso, turn off the Nano (thanks, Michael), shove it back in my cavernous new handbag (thanks again Michael!) and be on my way.

A happy Christmas Eve to all, wherever you are.

See you later. 🙂