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I recently switched back to using my Pocket Lyndhurst Filofax. Notebooks were going ok, but for the question of where my ‘GTD-style’ lists went. I tried putting them on the computer, but I never got around to even putting them there in the first place. I came up with a couple of different ideas for mixing them in with my usual daily notes, or putting them in the back of the same notebook, but neither felt right. It would either take too long to find a list when I needed to quickly check something, or it would take too long to copy the lists over every time I started a new book.

I did toy with the idea of just not keeping lists at all, but things kind of fell down without at least having a shopping list on the go, and I concluded that lists are good, I just need to be more careful about filling them up with things that I have no intention of actually doing, then using them to torture myself for procrastinating. Simplify.

The Filofax could work in a simple linear way, like a notebook, for general daily scribblings and notes, but could also have lists in another section, easy to find, and rarely needing copying out again.

The only problem I found after a while of using it again was that even the Pocket size was a bit too big. It fit in my jeans pocket, but it really packed my pocket out, and was big enough to be awkward to get in and out of it.

After lots of pondering and comparing, I finally ended up buying a Mini (smaller than a Pocket size) Guildford from Staples. I picked up a ‘today’ ruler, and lots of lined paper at the same time, along with just a little plain paper. I grabbed a set of subject dividers from WHSmith back in Tiverton, and so far, things are going well.

The Mini size doesn’t fell too much smaller when using it as a Filofax, but it feels much more reasonable to use as a wallet, where the Pocket always felt a bit ridiculous. Time will tell how well I stick to it in the longer term, but I’m certainly liking it so far.

At least this time I wasn’t alone – Sam was having great trouble settling on the right thing to use for a diary for next year. With doing Slimming World, having the right format to track her eating for each day is important. A combination of Filofax and WHSmith held the answer for her, too, with a smart new bag bringing it all together.

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