Home :: Personalising PigPog

The plan we had recently for making PigPog all about Visual Arts wasn’t really working out very well. We’ve not been updating much still, and most of what we have done has been personal stuff, not much more than catblogging. Rather than fight the inevitable, I’d made a few more adjustments to try to bring what PigPog claims to be more in line with what it is.

  • We’ve got rid of all the old set categories, and now only have ‘tags’ that we stick to things ‘on-the-fly’. It doesn’t make much real difference, but at least there aren’t a bunch of unused categories listed at the top of the form when we add new entries, taunting us, and saying “These are the things you’re supposed to be writing about”.
  • I’ve tweaked the Tag Cloud interface, which should now make a reasonably easy and fun way to find stuff on PigPog. It’s all still a bit time-based, but it’s nice and automatic.
  • We’ve dropped the ‘Visual Arts’ tagline. It now just says “Michael and Sam”, which is about as far as we want to narrow things down.

Stuff that we may do different or change in the future:

  • We’ll probably try to do more short blog posts, putting more into PigPog than Twitter.
  • A new logo would be nice, but I’m not sure what. The current landscape photo was just the first thing that came to mind that matched the colour scheme, and I didn’t intend it to last.