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Festive greetings to all who have been following my regular weight-loss blether. Hope you’re having a fun and relaxing Christmas Day. Here’s an update on the past couple of meetings.

17th December 2007

Missed last week because when I wasn’t working, I was sleeping or staring into space wishing I was sleeping. I had a little gain the week commencing the 10th, so was doing my best that week to ensure a substantial loss to catch up. I did the usual thing of concentrating on the Superfree foods (free on both plans), but I also kept an eye on how much I was having. Yes, it’s possible to eat and eat and eat on this plan, but I had the feeling that I perhaps wasn’t paying enough attention to quantities and found myself over-eating and making myself feel a bit off.

By the next encounter with Mr Scale, I’d lost 4.5lb (2kg), which earned me another sticker and certificate, and you know how much I like my stickers and certificates.

24th December 2007

Last night’s meeting didn’t see a capacity crowd. Not surprising, really.

I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve been really tired for most of the week, and although I stuck to the plan pretty well, I had the feeling I was coming down with something because from Wednesday or thereabouts, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. But I put on my fancy frock, because I felt like showing off, toddled off to group and said hello once again to Mr Scale. It was another good one – 5.5lb (2.4kg)! This brings me into the holidays with a total weight loss so far of:

7st 13lbs or 111lbs or 50kg.

One pound away from another award. Three and a half pounds away from my first official Interim Target. Three and a half pounds away from being the right side of 20st. Approximately a year away from my target weight. You know, missing out on stuffing, mince pies and all of that doesn’t seem too bad now.

My Christmas Food Diary

In case you’re wondering how I plan to get through this worldwide day of food and inactivity, here’s my food diary for today which is, of course, an Original day:

Brunch (didn’t get up until after 10am!)

  • Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, 2 slices of Nimble.
  • Coffee


  • Grapes, clementine, and a cereal bar


  • Roast Ostrich with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, asparagus and peppers.

Drinks and other treats

  • Half a Tesco Finest Bottle Conditioned Ale (4.5 syns)
  • Green & Black Miniature Chocolate Bar (4 syns)
  • Double Jack Daniel’s and Coke (5 syns)


Knickers to that, sunshine. It’s Christmas! What kind of obsessive fruitloop do you take me for? 😉

Okay, time to go and see if that Ostrich is done. Until next week, service continues as usual as the journey continues!

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