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January 2007 My fourteenth award Left – January 2007. Right – December 2007.

This time last year I’d given up on making resolutions to lose weight. I’d pretty much resigned myself to always being obese and figured that’s the way it would be until the inevitable health problems took over and I kicked the bucket. However, as you will no doubt have read from previous entries, that all changed back in April when I joined Slimming World. And it was business as usual tonight – although everybody else was busy with their New Year’s celebrations so I had my Consultant all to myself. The easiest Slimmer of the Week win yet! Mr Scale took some convincing that my impeccable behaviour over the festive season should be worth a weight loss, but on the second go agreed to let me have the pound, which made my total weight loss for 2007…

Eight stone or 112lbs or 50.8kg

This year I am making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, but in the knowledge that I am going to achieve it. In 2008 I will reach my target. It will happen. Because I believe in the plan and I believe in me. Bring it on. The journey continues!

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