Slimming World – 21 & 28 January 2008

On me ‘olidays

This will be my last Slimming World related post for a few weeks. I’m having a break from going to meetings and having a few days off the diet completely. It’s going to be interesting to see how much my tastes have changed since starting the plan back in April and how I cope being ‘off the leash’ for a while.

Entertaining a Cat

Sweeney and Lucy didn’t really get on very well. When Lucy died, we were very sad, but Sweeney wasn’t so upset. She was head cat now. OK, in a household of one cat, but still. She seemed much happier.

She continued to make occasional use of the doormat as a toilet, so we finally decided to block off the corridor that leads to the front door. The only way we could work out to do that also involved blocking off the spare room, but since that was just a room filled with stuff we really should have sorted out by now, it didn’t seem to matter too much.


I’m bored. I’m antsy. I’m having one of those who am I and what should I do with my life existential crises that really should have stopped by now. I’m itching for something to do to fully occupy my mind, to absorb me completely the way ol’ Farty McGee gets completely involved with pens, calculators and insanely complex text editors. I need something to take my mind of that muddafuddlin eating plan. Something to put a smile on my face, a song in my heart and PVA glue on my fingers.

Slimming World – 14th January 2008


Unfortunately my daily checks on the home scales (now, strictly speaking you’re not meant to weigh yourself between meetings as it can fool you into a false sense of security/despair) have shown a slight creep in the wrong direction, so I’m going to do exactly the same as I did last week for the next few days in the hope I can turn things around. If I don’t, it’s okay because I know it’ll catch up one way or another, but it’s always worth a go.