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Fun With Mr Scale

The first meeting of 2008 kicked off with a lot of new faces arriving at group, nervously approaching Mr Scale for the first time as they start their own journeys. As Frankie’s Little Helper it’s my job to record members’ weigh-ins in their books, and it’s a daunting experience when it’s your first time, as I well know. So I did my best to make them feel welcome in my role as Helper/Wannabe Consultant/Star Pupil ;).

My own encounter with Mr Scale was rather pleasant. Looking back through my diary and previous blog entries, I knew that this week’s weigh-in could potentially show a gain, as I seemed to be in a pattern of gaining a little every four weeks. So I had been really careful for much of the preceding week, knocking out syns altogether and limiting a few other bits as well. When you’re Food Optimising you have room to be flexible both ways – some weeks it’s fun to be a bit more indulgent, others weeks it’s wise to be that bit stricter. Neither way is a good idea long-term, but the great thing about the plan is that it’s so flexible, it’s all possible. So, I was hoping that a bit more control had paid off, and indeed it did – with a loss of 3 and a half pounds which takes the total loss so far to…

8 stone, 3 and a half pounds or 115.5lbs or 52.38kg

A cracking start to the New Year. As I settled into this week I became ill, and had to have a couple of days off – one of which was spent entirely in bed sleeping off whatever lurgy I’d picked up. Unfortunately my daily checks on the home scales (now, strictly speaking you’re not meant to weigh yourself between meetings as it can fool you into a false sense of security/despair) have shown a slight creep in the wrong direction, so I’m going to do exactly the same as I did last week for the next few days in the hope I can turn things around. If I don’t, it’s okay because I know it’ll catch up one way or another, but it’s always worth a go.

Fun With ‘Her Off Of Casualty’

Over Christmas I treated myself to Rebecca Wheatley’s new exercise DVD. Rebecca’s journey is very similar to my own – she started out at over 24 stone, and has lost 12 stone through a combination of exercising and going to Slimming World. It’s great. She’s a very lively, confident, energetic lady and a great role model for me because she demonstrates that it’s not just possible to shed the weight and change your life, it might even actually be fun in places. The workout is in 10 minute chunks, and it’s very easy to get into. Her trainer is quite a charmer, and is in her words ‘gorgeous’ – not my type though, not nearly enough hair for a start*. 😉

Fun With 2008

In IMAGE Therapy, we’re encouraged to think about what we’d like to achieve in the coming week. Here are my goals for 2008:

  • Continuing with the ‘stone a month’ weight losses.
  • Doing the Race for Life this year (and not chicken out like I did in 2006).
  • Entering a Slimming World National Competition.
  • And, finally, reaching my target weight of 11 stone (154lbs).

Plenty for me to be working on, then! I had best get on… the journey continues!

* – There’s an amusing thought “Hi, I’m Slash. Welcome to my workout DVD!” Amusing but unlikely. Wouldn’t be surprised to see one from Duff McKagan though.

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