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On me ‘olidays

This will be my last Slimming World related post for a few weeks. I’m having a break from going to meetings and having a few days off the diet completely. It’s going to be interesting to see how much my tastes have changed since starting the plan back in April and how I cope being ‘off the leash’ for a while.

This is either very sensible or completely mad.

I haven’t decided yet. The whole thing was seriously getting me down a couple of weeks ago, and I only really calmed down when I decided to take some time out. My commitment to the plan was starting to suffer, and of course the weight losses suffered as a result. So tonight, after one last jump on Mr Scale’s feet, I handed in the rest of my tickets (I buy 12-week Countdown Courses – and I’m using my two free weeks as my weeks off) and bid farewell to Frankie and the group until 18th February.

Too moishe! Too moishe!

Deciding to play the “whatever happens on Monday night stays on Monday night” card, I decided to let myself go tonight, and soon discovered that I simply do not have the capacity to consume what I used to. This should bode well for the rest of the break and my actual holiday from plan when Michael’s parents come down for a break in a couple of weeks’ time. In the meantime I intend to carry on Food Optimising and try not to go too crazy. I hope. Well, if it all goes pear-shaped I know I can go back to my group.

Buh-bye for now…

In nine months I have managed to lose over 116lbs. That’s an achievement. And I can repeat it. I just need a bit of time out. So for now, the journey pauses. But when it resumes, I will have company…. more about that soon. 🙂

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