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Thing A Day 1st Feb - My nemesis in Fimo

Kicking off the first week of Thing A Day with a batch of stuff for my Slimming World group. First up is a little Fimo version of the almighty Mr Scale – bringer of joy and sorrow, success and regret to Slimming World members up and down the country. I thought this little fella could go to the home of any members who get too fixated on what the scales say and forget about all the other good stuff that can happen when you get into this Food Optimising malarkey. Hm. I guess he’ll be spending most of his time with me, then.

Other stuff coming up this week…

  • A set of motivational cards
  • Visual displays
  • And anything else that springs to mind

For more thing-a-day goodness, and for more talent than I could shake a stick at, pay a visit to emberlexi’s blog.