Home :: Thing a Day 7 – Finishing off “Stuff for Slimming World” week.

So week one hasn’t been a complete success, since I didn’t make anything on Monday, and I haven’t made anything tonight. But, I’ve got a couple of fun projects on the go, and presenting a Fimo model of Mr Scale to Frankie was good fun, even though his eyes had fallen off.

Another good thing to have come out of this is that it’s got me playing again. I went months without even picking up a pencil, so playing with Fimo, ink and pastel has been a great deal of fun. And that’s really the point. It’s not about the end product, it’s about having fun making the thing.

So, back again tomorrow for the start of week 2, where my theme will be “Devon”, and I’ll hopefully be breaking out the Fimo again.