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Thing A Day 11 - Mr and Mrs Slimming World

Okay, so this only qualifies as a ‘thing’ because:

  • The photo was taken in Devon. (week 2)
  • It’s a thing for Slimming World (week 1)
  • I cropped it.

Let me explain. Michael and I went along to group tonight with the intention of photographing another one of our group competition nights. We were thinking we’d sit quietly, take some snaps of the winners and enjoy sharing the results. One slight problem… we were the winners, leaving one of the other members (fortunately, a keen photographer so she knew her way around the D40) to take the snaps on our behalf. So, a bit of a fail for “Thing A Day”, but another bit of silverware for the desk and another certificate for the album.

Back to business with the ‘things’ tomorrow, but I won’t be uploading anything tomorrow as I won’t be home. So you’ll be getting two on Wednesday.

And for JohnA, I’ll end with Slimming World haiku:

Bow down and worship The incredible shrinking Sam And, of course, Michael. 😉

See you on Wednesday!