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Right! Back in business after a brief sortakinda holiday. Before my little break I was getting a little downhearted and frustrated with how my progress on the plan had slowed down and my interest in the whole thing had started to wane. So, a break was just what the doctor ordered. Although I had two separate 3-day breaks from the diet I did still go to group and weigh in. Defeating the object? No, not really. It seemed sensible to keep an eye on things in case my time “off the leash” was doing far more damage than I was preparing for. As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad at all.

4th February

This was after a weekend of burgers at Wetherspoons, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, chocolate and cheese and biscuits, so I was expecting a gain. I lost 2 and a half pounds.

11th February

Room for one more in there?

I wasn’t going to weigh in on Mr and Mrs night. In fact, Michael and I were only there really to photograph the winners. When the winners turned out to be us, the camera had to be turned over to someone else. Thank you Chris for such a great job!

At the end of the evening I decided to pay a visit to Mr Scale, who informed me that I had gained 3lb. Trust me, I had earned every ounce.

18th February

Back in business this week, and after the obligatory fish and chips on the beach and enough alcohol to turn me into a stumbling comedy drunk for the night followed by just 4 days back on plan, the most I was hoping was for was to have not gained any more than the 3lb I put on the previous week. I lost the 3lb, and one more for good luck.

All of this takes my weight loss to a total of eight stone, eight pounds or 120lb or 54.4kg.

I enjoyed the break, and now I’m back on plan I’m enjoying food optimising again. And for the next six weeks I’m not alone. Yes, friends, Michael’s slimming too. And for a good cause. Both of us are participating in Slimming World’s Slimathon. I’m going to be keeping on the tried and true Food Optimising plan, while Michael is doing his own thing, including joining me for Slimming World meals and cutting back on his daily pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Want to sponsor us? Please do! Check out our page on Justgiving for more details.

Ah, it’s good to be back. The journey continues!

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