Michael’s Scribbles: 2008-03-31

I carry a notebook in my pocket all the time – a Pocket Squared Moleskine at the moment. The way I use it is pretty much along the lines of PigPogPDA, but mixed in with more general journaling.

Yesterday, I had an idea – mark some of the notes as I go, and copy the marked notes to a blog post later that day or the next day.

So, I’m actually writing this entry on paper, with a pen (Pelikan M600). If you’re reading it, I actually got around to typing it up and posting it on PigPog. I’ll make the title something very simple, including the date, which should help make the typing-up process something that can be done without much thought.

A New Look for PigPog

Ever since upgrading to Drupal 5.x, we’ve just stuck with the default theme, with just a colour tweak to make it ours. I finally decided to take a bit of time to look at other themes, and found one I quite liked – it’s called Channel Nine (no relation that I’m aware of to the Microsoft thing). I’ve made a few very small changes to the theme, mainly to change the colours.

The idea of a theme without the standard ‘masthead’ top section was quite appealing, and this one seems to cope nicely with different screen widths, too.

As usual, I’ve tried to check things, but I might have broken something – please comment here if you spot something I’ve missed.

Squeewatch (warning – contains squee)

It’s been a long time since I had a bloomin’ good old fashioned squee in my blog. Mainly because as soon as I began acting like a recycled teenager I shifted my rock star squee to its own special spot. That was fine until a huge great bolt of squee hit me when I didn’t expect it. Why didn’t I expect it? Well, he’s not a rock star, he doesn’t have huge great floofy hair, and when I first clapped eyes on him, I thought he was an offensive chauvinist pig.

Then I saw him reverse his Cortina down an alley with a bacon butty dangling out of his mouth. I was hit by the second raise of his eyebrows.

Yes, count me among the ranks of women around the world asking…

Gene Hunt… why does he drive me crazy?

Slimming World – 10th March, 17th March and 24th March

A quick general catch-up on my progress… still ticking away nicely.

10th March

A gain, as I predicted. Bloody hormones! Seems it can’t be helped and it’s just part of the journey and the joys of being a woman. Ho-hum.

17th March

Back in business the following week, though, with 3lb off.

25th March

Succumbing to the charms of the season (i.e. taking an evening off to eat a shedload of chocolate) meant that I was grateful for any loss, so losing a pound and a half was fine and dandy with me.

So, that takes my total weight loss to – 9 stone 8 and a half pounds. Very very chuffed indeed.

Back with a more in-depth post next week, but for now… the journey continues.

Slimming World – 25 February 2008 & 3rd March 2008


I’ve never been so proud to be called a Loser before, but more about that in a minute.

25th February 2008

Weighing in after my first full week back on plan after my short break. It felt really good to be back in business, and despite having a stinking cold, and succumbing to the joys of M&S sandwiches, I felt I’d had a reasonable week. Mr Scale, bless his little LEDs, agreed. I lost six pounds, which took my overall weight loss to exactly 9 stone. The break had done exactly what I hoped it would, kickstarted my weight loss again and put me back on track. And getting another stone off meant I had only fallen behind by one month.

This spurred me on for the following week, which was a big celebration.

3rd March 2008