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I’ve never been so proud to be called a Loser before, but more about that in a minute.

25th February 2008

Weighing in after my first full week back on plan after my short break. It felt really good to be back in business, and despite having a stinking cold, and succumbing to the joys of M&S sandwiches, I felt I’d had a reasonable week. Mr Scale, bless his little LEDs, agreed. I lost six pounds, which took my overall weight loss to exactly 9 stone. The break had done exactly what I hoped it would, kickstarted my weight loss again and put me back on track. And getting another stone off meant I had only fallen behind by one month.

This spurred me on for the following week, which was a big celebration.

3rd March 2008

This week’s meeting was another competition night. The wonderfully named Greatest Loser.

Another win!

So, yes. Proud to be a Loser. Ecstatic to be a loser. I took the opportunity to thank everyone in the group, and Frankie my wonderful Consultant, for their inspiration and support. And Michael joined in the fun by acting as chef for the night – making his wonderful Free Cheezburgers. Spelled that way because when he makes them I can has cheezburger!

Monday night was always going to be great fun regardless of what Mr Scale had to tell me, but his news only added to the night. I lost another five and a half pounds, which meant the weight loss being recorded for the Greatest Loser competition was a whopping…

Nine stone, five and a half pounds or 131.5lb or 59.6kg

What can I say? They’re good cheezburgers! I’m really enjoying the plan right now, taking a more relaxed approach to it all. I don’t obsess over the scales as much, and I am well aware that another little blip in the opposite direction is most probably just around the corner (it happens every 4 weeks or so thanks to my flippin’ daft hormones), but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I keep on plan and enjoy everything I have. And I do, whether it’s the cheezburgers or spicy potato wedges or the Brunch at Mad Hatters. So, onwards and downwards … the journey continues!