Home :: Slimming World – 10th March, 17th March and 24th March

A quick general catch-up on my progress… still ticking away nicely.

10th March

A gain, as I predicted. Bloody hormones! Seems it can’t be helped and it’s just part of the journey and the joys of being a woman. Ho-hum.

17th March

Back in business the following week, though, with 3lb off.

25th March

Succumbing to the charms of the season (i.e. taking an evening off to eat a shedload of chocolate) meant that I was grateful for any loss, so losing a pound and a half was fine and dandy with me.

So, that takes my total weight loss to – 9 stone 8 and a half pounds. Very very chuffed indeed.

Back with a more in-depth post next week, but for now… the journey continues.

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