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Read about myself in the local press:

Mid Devon Star, 4th April 2008

My wonderful Consultant Frankie Pankiewicz submitted this editorial to the local free paper for me after I won the Greatest Loser competition last month, and the article ran in this week’s issue.

The funny thing is as readers read my story, I was wandering around our local handpicked guatemalan food emporium buying sandwiches, crisps and chocolate having decided to hop off the wagon for a little while to indulge my sweet tooth, my savoury tooth and my crispy fried tooth. So as I was buying my tooth-rotting and scale-crushing treats, I was being congratulated by people on my achievement. Not one of them suggested that perhaps a basket full of pizza and chocolate might not be the wisest choice, though. They all said I deserved a treat, and to go for it. Bless them. People here are so nice. 🙂

I find that taking a breather from Food Optimising every now and then is a good idea. It’s a chance to deal with any cravings, and remind myself just how much better being on plan actually is. I’ve done it before and it worked rather well, and now I’m back on the wagon, I’m hoping for similar results in the next few weeks.

In the spirit of constant experimentation and learning, I’m coming back to the plan by doing something I haven’t done before – having a go at the 7-day eating plan from the magazine. I’ve made a few substitutions on things I don’t fancy, but with full menus, recipes and a handy shopping list, it does make getting back on the wagon a lot easier.

And if you’re wondering what the wagon looks like, here it is:

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“Listen luv, if you want a body like Bolly Knickers, you’ve got to work for it.” – Gene Hunt, Motivation Expert

If anyone wants me I’ll be at the gym…

So, with my weight loss currently standing at 9 stone 10 and a half pounds, and with still quite a bit to go, the journey continues…. fire up the Quattro!