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Gawd bless JP Chenet
Giving the two-fingered salute to the diet with a drop of rose.

As I digest my post-dinner plonk and ponder seeing off that bar of Polish chocolate, I figure I may as well crawl into the virtual confessional and admit it. My attempt to come back to plan this week hasn’t worked at all. I have stuck to the basics of Food Optimising fine, with one exception. And it’s the one we all like… the Syns. They’re there to bring in that all-important “little bit of what you fancy”, and this last two weeks has shown what can happen if you ignore that and try to labour through your journey in ‘diet mode’. That’s not what this plan is about, and that’s what makes it different from the others and that’s why it’s possible for people like Roberto to lose the massive amounts of weight they do. The plan fits in with anyone’s lifestyle, but only if you let it.

“Get out of the pressure cooker!”

That’s what a friend of mine said to me last week when consoling me yet again (you know who you are and I owe you millions). She’s right. And that’s what the second half of my weight loss journey is going to be about. It is possible to go out, treat yourself and have a fun life without doing the ‘poor me I’m on a diet’ bit. I’m about to prove it.

And while I do this, over the next week or two I am going to share my daily food diary with you, right here in my blog. I will be enjoying my full allocation of Syns each day, and using the “Mix2Max” plan which lets you enjoy green and original choices by the meal rather than by the day.

Eyes up chocolate bar and reaches for another glass of wine

Starting tomorrow. Just like all the best diets.

Till tomorrow, friends… cheerz.

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