Home :: Slimming in Public Day 2

Inspired by a good meeting last night and armed with a couple of facts I didn’t have before, I started today with every intention of sticking to plan 100%. And I did. Go me.

To recap, I’m doing the “Mix 2 Max” plan where you choose whether to have Original or Green foods by the meal. So basically you can have a nice stodgy lunch and a light, meaty (or fishy) dinner. And I found out that my own daily Syn allowance is more than I thought it was. If you’re a member of a group, it’s always worth checking with your consultant what your Syn allowance is. Between 5 and 15 is the norm, but if you have a lot of weight to lose, like I do, you may be able to have more.

Here’s my food diary for today:

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast (nimble 400g loaf – 5 syns), marmite, banana

Morning Snack: Alpen Light cereal bar (3 syns), satsuma

Lunch: Noodles, beans, and a little grated cheddar (healthy extra ‘a’ choice), shape lasting satisfaction yogurt

Dinner: Michael’s fabulous Free burger, topped with cheese (another ‘a’ choice), served with 396g potato wedges (two ‘b’ choices, 396g raw weight), salad, wholemeal pitta bread (7 1/2 syns) and ketchup (1 syn)

The food was delicious, I’m comfortably full, I’ve had enough energy to spend the afternoon catching up on all sorts of stuff, and I’m feeling good.

So, to celebrate, let’s have another tune from my morning playlist:

Cor. Nothing like a bit of Iggy to shake you up first thing.

Till tomorrow…