Home :: Slimming in Public Day 3 – it could be worse…

Well here we are. Mid-week. And I just knew it was going to be one of those days. My plans to stay on the wagon were scuppered once some bastard nicked the seat and replaced it with a bottle of Beaujolais. I did my best to limit the damage, but the call of the wine and the chocolate was too strong. But sensible choices with the food meant a flexible syns day made it possible for me to enjoy a few glasses of wine and a few bits of chocolate and keep my syns to a sensible level.

So today I started with the intention of doing Mix2Max again but soon realised this day would be better as Green, so I could lunch happily on sushi from M&S. Evening meal was veg crispbake, and a fishcake with couscous and salad, and my glorious slide into the world of Flexible Syns began once hubby pulled the cork on a fine red that my boss bought me a couple of weeks ago (thanks, Carol!).

This is the relaxed approach I wanted. This is the way I’m going to get to the end of my journey.

Let’s have some more words from my favourite motivational speaker:

Unbreakable, Tasha. Unbreakable. Let’s do this thing. 😉


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