Home :: Slimming in Public Day 4 – that’s more like it!

Looking back on the week so far it’s not surprising the home scales weren’t offering any encouraging news this morning. So I hit the books again today, over a coffee in M&S (where the hard sell tactics of the staff is really starting to get on my nerves), and planned a good, back to basics Food Optimising day. Choosing to do the Original plan, here’s how my food diary panned out for the day:

Breakfast: Tomatoes, 4 slices Nimble toast (taken as 1 Healthy Extra B choice and 5 syns), marmite. Followed by a banana with my coffee.

Morning Snack: A pear and some strawberries

Lunch: Sardines with salad, followed by a yogurt

Afternoon Snack: More strawberries, a hi-fi bar (another healthy extra B choice), grapes

“Just in from work and I need something quick while dinner’s cooking”: cooked chicken pieces (half a syn)

Dinner: Coley fillets with ham, asparagus, tomato, sugar snap peas, salad leaves, cucumber and celery. Followed by a yogurt.

So another day is over, I’m about to wander into the kitchen for the last drink of the night. And only one thing will do. So that’s exactly what I’m going to have.



I’ve done it! I’ve done a full 100% Food Optimising day and used less than 10 syns! If I can do that today, I can do it tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that…

And if I can do it, anyone can.

OK, what shall we have to play us out today? … Hmm… It’s going to have to be another moment of squee:

You know what? I’ve been good today. I deserve Gene Hunt in Swimming Trunks!

There’s no badge down here, Sammy Boy!

Buggered if I can find a YouTube clip of the Bacon Butty moment. Girls? Any thoughts?

Till tomorrow!