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Well here we are. Friday night. The mother of all ‘let your hair down and be excessive’ times. Work’s done for the week and there’s a lot of winding down to be done. In the flat right now there is beer, cider, wine and whisky, and I’m kicking back with a refreshing pint or two of…

…sugar free appleade.

Yep. I’m sticking to my plan this time. No booze. Only used 8 and a half syns today. The only thing left to consume on my menu is tea. Here’s my food diary for today’s delicious green day:

BREAKFAST: 2 nimble toast (B), beans, tomatoes, salad leaves (yes, salad for breakfast. Why not?), banana.

LUNCH: Cous Cous and Noodles. I needed a carb boost so I made the most of the foods available on the Free list.

DINNER: Fishcake (4 and a half syns), veggie crispbake (4 syns), potato wedges, mushy peas, salad, cucumber, tomato, celery.

SNACKS: Peaches and 2 Alpen Light bars (B)

So what’s finally back on track? A few things. I’m very lucky to be working with some great people at the moment, and a couple of them have provided motivation in their own way:

  • A manager has told me she’ll stay off the booze as long as I do.
  • My excellent job share partner has made a bet with me. If I lose more than 2lbs, she pays for my book order. If I lose less, I pay for hers.

Going along to Katrina’s group last night was an extra boost too. I was there to show off. To be honest, the last thing I felt like doing was showing off, but that extra bit of group support really helped refocus my thinking, realise what’s truly important to me and that’s why I can sit here with my apple pop while Michael quaffs the beer.

So, don’t you think I’ve been good? Don’t you think I deserve a double-bubble squeefest? You bet your arse I do. Let’s first visit our old top hatted friend, The Lovely Mr Hudson:

And now his new partner in squee. The Equally Lovely Mr Glenister. As, of course, The Utterly Inexplicably But Quite Deliciously Lovely DCI Gene Hunt:

And, what the heck, let’s show some love for Raymondo too:

So, now we have a weekend. And I’m looking forward to the next couple of days having time to relax, go out walking, and most importantly have our weekly brunch at Mad Hatters. There’s not a better use for 8 syns and a healthy B. So on I go, motivated and with my target in sight. Bring it on. The journey continues!

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