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Kicking off another week where I intend to stay on plan 100% no matter what. Now, nobody die, dump me, fire me or do anything else to me that’s likely to take me off course, ‘k? Ta.

Sunday and Monday saw me backsliding again. Although Monday was really just a Green day with an assload more syns. Today’s excuse was that I was considering how Slimming World fits into my life and what I could do to shake things up a bit.

Firstly, I decided to join another group. Katrina runs a class on a Thursday evening that I can get to straight from work, it’s a nice walk, and it’s over and done with in enough time for me and the fella to still have an evening together. Also, believing strongly that variety is key to the success of this thing, I think the change would do me good. We shall see.

I’d like to quickly take this opportunity to give my thanks to Frankie and everyone else in the Monday 6.30 group. I wouldn’t have come this far without your encouragement and support. I’ll be back, some time or another… well, me or “The Guv” ;).

Getting back to business today has been a doddle, I have to say. At the moment I’m focusing on putting together a plan and sticking to it which I’ve done quite well today. Here’s today’s food diary:

BREAKFAST: 2 weetabix (B), milk (A), banana, 250ml pineapple juice (5 syns)

LUNCH: Smoked salmon, 2 nimble toast (B), salad, tomato, cucumber, celery

DINNER: Cheezburgers made with extra lean beef mince, 84g low fat cheddar (A + 6 syns), with onion, mushroom, tomato and salad leaves. Served with a dressing made from virtually fat free fromage frais, garlic, tabasco and chives.

SNACKS: Shape yogurt, 1 finn crisp for testing the dressing (1 syn)

TOTAL SYNS for the day = 12

Now, I thought it was going to come out less than that since I thought that 250ml of pineapple juice was 3 syns. Always worth double checking these things. I should have remembered (and I will do tomorrow morning) that I need to use my smaller glass for my morning juice, or count extra syns. The only thing I didn’t do was measure the milk on the cereal, but I know that enough to cover my weetabix is less than the allowed 250ml of semi skimmed milk… or do I? Next time I have cereals, I’ll check.

Anyway. It’s been a good, on-plan day. So that means it’s time for a bit of video squee. Woo! Guv! Shake your moneymaker! 😉

And to those who ask if Gene Hunt could be any more of a Nazi, here’s your answer:

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