Race for Life – three weeks to go!

Just a quick one before I head off to work. On Sunday July 20th I will be taking part in the Race for Life at Westpoint in Exeter, alongside fellow Slimming World members from my old Monday night group.

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I’m doing the race this year for my Mum, who is recovering from bowel cancer, my old pal from Notts Jackie K, who has also kicked cancer’s arse and, yes, I’m also doing it for me. Two years ago I signed up to do the race in Nottinghamshire. But I was too unfit to go through with it, so I chickened out at the last minute. Now, over 10 stones lighter and walking at least a mile a day anyway, it seems like a good way to celebrate how life has changed.

I wanted to get a Sports Racer t-shirt but I doubt it would arrive in time for the race. Maybe one of these would work just as well…

Slimming World – 20th June 2008

Week four in my new Thursday night group, and I’m already feeling the benefits of Katrina’s full-tilt, gung-ho, I’m gonna get you to target if it kills me, you and wipes out half of Tiverton spirit. Some Consultants take the comforting, gentle approach which works well with nervous newbies (me, last year). Katrina however, bless her heart, gives it so much passion and welly that you can’t help but run out of her group screaming…

Grrrrarrrr! I’m gonna take over the world!

And it’s that all-guns-blazing spirit that’s going to take me to my target weight of… er… um… haven’t quite decided that one yet.

Anyway, on Thursday night I was fired up once more by a 3 and a half pound weight loss, taking my total weight loss back over 10 stone and seeing off almost all of the amount I gained around my birthday. So when Katrina asked who was up for a challenge, my response was…

Grrrrarrrr! Bring it ON!

Selling through PhotoShelter

Following a link from an ad on The Show, I had a look around PhotoShelter on Friday, and decided to apply.

Happy Frog

I submitted ten images, but didn’t actually regenerate them to match their requirements. After reading their standards later, they should have been saved with AdobeRGB, not sRGB, should have been output at a higher JPEG quality level, shouldn’t have been sharpened, and shouldn’t have had their colours played with as much as I did.

Funky Moped

I had a couple of days off this week, so I walked with Sam as she was going to work, then walked back home. We walked around by the River Exe on Thursday morning, to kill a little time before Sam needed to be at work. Someone had disposed of a rusted old moped by parking it in the river.

I can never resist photographing rusty things.

Old Moped and Beagle

A couple more:

Kitten Cuddling at the Blue Cross

Sam and I volunteer at the local Blue Cross animal shelter, giving the animals some social time. Yes, they need people to volunteer to walk dogs and play with cats and kittens.

This weekend, we were having big problems with PigPog, so we didn’t have as long as we usually do. We decided to skip the dogs, and just do the cats. The cats had recently had some play time, so they asked if we’d mind playing with kittens instead.

Well, alright then. If we must.