Home :: Slimming in Public Week 3 – note to self…

Well here I go again with yet another attempt at a full week on plan. Fell waist deep in a bucket of wine and chinese food on Thursday night after group and didn’t manage to winch myself out and back onto plan until yesterday. But I’m back in business now, yesterday was a green day and contained my favourites – potato wedges for lunch, and noodles and mushy peas for dinner. All free on green, and all lovely and comfort food-y.

Today, then, is original (or red). I find I get the best results when I stick to a red/green cycle throughout the week. Mixing it up sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. And as Katrina, my new consultant, said at group last week:

Don’t play with the Plan, because the Plan will play with you.

Don’t I know it… there’s no point in “cheating”, tweaking things to squeeze in that extra biscuit or glass of wine… but it is possible to fit these things into your Syn allowance. 15 Syns a day is plenty for a normal day, and on those odd occasions when more Syns are needed you just do the flex thing. What you don’t do at any point is stop counting or stop thinking about what you’re doing.

Hm. I think it’s time for a much needed Note To Self:

*Guv Voice* – “there’s no bloody excuse! *slaps self* Just bloody well get on with it!”

Yes Inner Guv. Sorry Inner Guv. My Inner Glutton considers itself well and truly kicked.

Back tomorrow and if I’m good I might treat myself to a vid or two.