Home :: Photowalk Tiverton, 2008-06-08: Bridges, Horse, Pigeon Sex

Another day, another walk. Not as long as yesterday’s BigWalk, but not bad. We started by heading into the town centre again, taking a cut along a narrow sloped path that brings us from the bottom of Canal Hill to the multi-storey car park.

I love the telegraph poles and electrical system here in Devon. It all seems very unplanned.


Telegraph Pole

At the bottom of Canal Hill, I took a time-lapse video of the roundabout – one minute of the roundabout in a three-second video:

Along the narrow path, one section of rusty metal fence was tied into an interesting shape.

Knot Fence

Near the multi-storey car park, I liked the texture of the crash barrier. I think I may have had some strange looks from passing motorists, standing at the side of the road, intently photographing a crash barrier. Maybe they thought I was from the Department of Transport carrying out some intricate investigative work on the crash barriers, but it’s more likely they thought I was just an idiot.

Metal Crash Barrier

They may have had a point.

The car park wall:

Tiverton Multi-Storey Car Park

We stopped at Marks & Spencers for water, and sat down for a while on Phoenix Lane, and watched the pigeons courting. The courtship was a success, so we watched the pigeons having sex.

Yes. I did video it. It doesn’t last long.

We decided to walk along the old railway line, to Tidcombe Lane, and then back along the canal. After all the excitement of pigeons getting it on, I was back to my usual form. Here’s a tedious photo of my own shadow:

My Shadow

Then a little rusty metal bridge over the stream at the start of the old railway walkway:


Rusty Metal Bridge

There’s probably some history to this bridge – it seems a bit over-engineered for a small footpath over a stream.

There was a dragonfly along the walkway a bit further on. I took quite a few shots, but only one turned out well. It’s difficult to get any camera to focus well on something so small, especially when it keeps moving. A compact camera is worse, too.


The walkway used to be the railway line between the main line and Tiverton. The Tivvy Bumper ran a regular service taking people between the main line and Tiverton. It now rests in the Tiverton Museum.

We’re back to bridges that seem a bit over-engineered – this used to be over the railway line, now it’s just over a footpath:

Under the Bridge

Bridge Brickwork

This bridge also has a set of steps that lets you get from the old railway line up to the road (Tidcombe Lane). We used that to get up to the road, then walked up the road to meet the canal. We passed under Tidcombe Bridge.

Tidcombe Bridge

The reflections made a pretty pattern on the bridge, but it wasn’t so interesting still, so I shot a little video:

I managed to grab a shot of a Damsel Fly, which doesn’t happen often.

Damsel Fly

I also happened across a moorhen who was very happy to have found an apple, and was apple-bobbing.

It seemed like fun, but I didn’t join in.

As we got to the Canal Basin, the horse-drawn barge was preparing to leave. The horse was waiting ready.

Shire Horse by the Canal

The Shire Horse

For the little bit before they get to the horse, it’s a people-drawn barge:

The Tivertonian Horse-Drawn Barge

We had lunch at the Canal Tea Gardens, then headed home. Quite a bit shorter than yesterday’s trip, but an enjoyable walk.