Home :: Slimming in Public Week 4 – Re-light mah fi-yah!

Greetings Sports Racers. Sorry, hubster and I are currently working our way through one year of the show with zefrank and it’s kind of rubbing off. We’ve been spending the weekend discovering each other’s power moves, which was just as much fun as it it sounds.

Anyway, yes, that diet thing. As you may have guessed from the Take-That-Covered-By-Lolcats title, my enthusiasm for Food Optimising is back with bells on. Really hit my stride last week, but sadly not soon enough to avoid a 3lb weight gain. Bugger. Having decided to take the gain as the ass-kicking I desperately needed, I’ve been able to stay on plan ever since.

So, armed with a 5lb weight loss target for the week I’ve been Optimising like a good ‘un, and walking further than I have ever walked in my entire lazy life. A total of 10 miles over three days probably doesn’t sound like much to real sports racers, but it’s a major achievement for me.

Anyway, as I aim to make the last two days before my next weigh-in count as much as possible. I’ll be doing Original (free lean meat and fish) days with loads of speed foods (like ordinary free foods but with go-faster stripes), plenty of water and exercise. Don’t know whether I’ll make that 5lb target, but I’m back into the swing of it, and that’s worth a vid or two. Oh YouTube..? Show me what you’ve got by way of Ashes to Ashes clips and classic 80s rock…

Ashes to Ashes – the clip from Episode 6 that made Philip Glenister the Coolest Man on Earth. Amazing scene.

And for your 80s rock course, a song that really neatly sums up how I feel about this whole malarkey.

I’m hoping to post more often this week, and also hope at some point to start doing video posts. Eek.

Till then, this is pigpog_s dieting so you don’t have to. Or something.