Home :: Slimming in Public Week 4 – One Year Ago Today…

…hubster and myself took a long, long drive up to Manchester. It was a hot, sticky day and I think Michael would much rather have stayed home and shaved his head with a cheese grater. But because he’s my husband, and my best friend and has the patience of several saints, he drove me the 200+ miles up the M5 and M6 for one very special reason. To see this man do what he does best:

This was the show that pushed me through the doors of Slimming World back in April. All I wanted to do back then was lose as much weight as I could in the two months I had between then and the show. I managed two stone and felt good, but sadly not good enough to make it through the wait, the support act and then have enough energy left to cope with the sheer assault on the senses that was VR live.

I did, however, thanks to the persistence of my good friend Tania, manage to get to the front for a little while and found myself mere feet away from the legendary celestial being known as Slash. I stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights while this fabulous creature widdled away on his Les Paul.

I made it 20 minutes through the set, and we left the heaving Manchester Apollo to the opening bars of this tune:

Which has stayed with me ever since. This fight will by my last fight. I’m going to nail this thing. And if you’re on a Food Optimising journey yourself, so will you. This is the best plan, the best group and they have the best support. As they like to say over there… together we can do it.