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Once I started to build up a bit of a collection of fountain pens, I started to want a way of displaying them. A nice old wooden CD rack made a good display stand for ink bottles, and Sam’s mum bought me a little glass cabinet for a few more bottles to go in. The pens, though, still lived in a leather pen wallet, hidden from view.

I recently bought a bookcase from a colleague (thanks, Sarah!) We only had a half-plan of using it for extra storage in the bedroom. Then, when we reached Tiverton market, after yesterday’s walk, there was a cabinet maker’s stall. There on the stall was a pen cabinet, for £27, which seemed like something of a bargain. I bought it.

I then realised that with a bit of moving of shelves, it could fit nicely into the bookcase, with plenty of room for other things. So here it is:

Bookcase Display Cabinet

Here’s the pen cabinet itself:

Fountain Pen Display Case

If you want one of your own, it was made by Colin Holmes, based in the Exeter area. He’s available on 01392 259392, and he’s at the Tiverton Panier Market on the second Saturday each month. It’s a nicely made cabinet, and holds 36 pens.

3 thoughts on “Display Cabinet

  1. Hi. I live in the USA and would really like to get one of Holmes’ pen case. Would you kindly give me more contact info for Mr. Holmes like a website or email address? Thank you.

    • If I had online contact details, I’d have posted them – he only had a phone number. Shipping to the US would be very expensive, though, with a fairly large piece of glass to protect. I’m sure there must be cabinet makers in the US that can make similar things.

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