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Inspired by this post from Chris Brogan today, I want to take a moment to give much love and gratitude to the people who are helping me through this. As you may have gathered from the lack of posts about my journey recently, things aren’t going so well, but I’m fortunate enough to have people to reach out to for help.


Well who else could I kick this off with but my husband, best friend, soulmate, walking companion, drinking buddy and just about the best partner I could ever have hoped for. He rides out the highs, lows, hikes and binges with me without a word of criticism, judging, nagging or taking this piss. He is a star. It’s just difficult sometimes watching him eat some things that look jolly tasty but would cost me a month’s syns.


This wonderful woman’s passion and knowledge of Food Optimising, combined with patience and genuine interest in the weight loss adventures of each and every one of her members makes her the perfect Consultant. Sometimes I feel bad for being such a pain in the arse, but she is helping me through this tough time and I believe that if I keep going to group and getting that all-important IMAGE Therapy, together we really can do it.


Frankie was my Consultant at the start of my journey. Her warm, friendly, patient and gentle approach to Slimming World was just the introduction I needed. It was a pleasure to cross the finish line with her at the Race for Life on Sunday.

Every Slimming World Member I’ve Met

There’s a sign outside the group that reads there are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet – and you really get a sense of that at Slimming World. There are a few people who I have developed good friendships with, but everyone is a positive role model for me there one way or another. Big grateful hugs to you all!

The Rrrrrrumpettes!

Since developing a bad case of the Squees for Gene Hunt, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Luigi’s, a community for fans of Ashes to Ashes. Once I got chatting to some of the other girls there it seemed a good idea to set up a thread for other slimmers. The friendship and support offered by the people in that thread means a great deal to me and it’s another great example of how good old squee can bring people together. It’s all thanks to Phil Glenister and that ruddy big overcoat! Much love to neonsox, Tasha, ihateclowns, sparklydocs and the rest of the gang.

Complete Strangers

Finally, I have to say what a boost it is when someone I’ve never met before leaves a comment letting me know how they’re doing at Slimming World. It’s nice to know other folks are out there, and it’s particularly nice to know that all this blether is helping some folks.

Thanks to everyone in my support team. I may be a bit stuck at the moment, but with your help I’ll get through it.

So, at somewhere in the region of 140lbs lighter than when I started, the journey continues…!

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