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Cor. What pigpogm lacks in real world decorating skills he more than makes up for around these parts. I am loving this new layout, and it’s really nice to be back with WordPress. In making the decision as to where to take the site next, Michael contemplated many different options, but I’m glad he chose this one.

So, time for a catch-up…


Gah. My least favourite four-letter word. My quest to find exciting, fulfilling employment continues, and although I have found what I think will be my ideal job, it’s going to be a little while before I can go for it. In the meantime, I needed to get out of the job I had for personal reasons. We all have our dark times, moments in our lives that we really don’t need to be reminded of. The job I had reminded me of some personal bad times all the time. It didn’t make sense to stay. I am very grateful to Carol, my line manager, and Ann, my co-worker, for their understanding and support, and I will miss them. Tomorrow, I return to the job I had before – phone numpty. Oh dear. At least it’s only temporary.

Slimming World

This has not been going well. My motivation has been way off, and I’ve been more interested in eating chocolate and drinking wine than sticking to plan and losing weight. Fortunately, the wonderful Katrina gave me a few suggestions on how to get through this and on Thursday I became a Target Member. I have been acting as if I’ve been at target for a long time, this just makes it official, but it is only temporary. At Slimming World you have your final target, and two or three interim targets. I didn’t know when I passed my first interim target back in December that I could do this, take a breather, and go back to it when I was ready. Had I known that I may have saved myself a fair amount of hassle. So I’m now having some time to sit back and enjoy the fact that I am still over 130lb lighter than when I started, and gently taking myself back to plan. I’m hoping that moving back to my old job will help with this, the ability to switch off at the end of a day should help me to calm down a bit. The journey, as ever, continues…!

Other stuff

I’m looking forward to September. So many great things happening:

  • I’m going to help out with some promotion stuff for Slimming World.

  • It’s been a long time coming, but they’ve finally cracked it:

Metallica’s first album with Rob on bass.  From the footage on Mission Metallica it sounds like the boys are in fine fettle and Mr Hetfield is as gloriously growly as ever.  Can’t wait to hear it! \m/

  • And there’s a slight possibility of some worthwhile telly again as Team Glenister begin their squee training in preparation for The Last Van Helsing, due in ‘Autumn’.  Unfortunately ITV seem more keen on announcing when the new series of X-Factor starts than telling us any more information than that.

  • While we’re talking about Mr Glenister, we’re all excited over at Luigi’s because in September, filming starts on series 2 of Ashes to Ashes.  Hopefully Deano will keep us updated on that lovely blog of his.

Alright, that’s enough blether from me for now.  Off for a walk across town now to see Senorita Kat Hootas give it the (flugal) ‘orn at West Exe Park.  Rock, and indeed, roll.

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  1. Hi Gary. It’s good to be back. Oop North is a bit difficult these days. We think flying may be the quickest and cheapest way, but we’ll need to build up stamina in our arms first.

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