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One of the things that really surprised me about coming to Devon was how common buzzards are here.  I’d only seen one once or twice in Nottinghamshire, but here there are plenty.

Yet somehow, I’ve not managed to get a photo.

They aren’t the friendliest of birds, I suppose.  They don’t come close, and although I’ve caught glimpses of them quite near, they’ve mainly been from a moving car on a main road.  I got a much better sighting on a wallk a while ago, but I only had my Canon G9 with me – a great camera, but not quick enough to catch a buzzard on the wing.

I got my chance on Sunday.  We were walking along Canal Hill, when a buzzard flew across in front of us and perched on the top of a house, right on the nearest corner to us.  This time, I had my Nikon D40 in my bag, with my 55-200 VR lens fitted.  I only got a couple of shots, but they’re the best I’ve managed so far, so here they are:

Buzzard on Roof

Buzzard on Roof

2 thoughts on “Buzzard on Canal Hill

  1. I love these photos. The roofline makes it great.

    I’m enough of an Anglophile to know that this is a specific species of hawk (I think T. H. White may have mentioned buzzards in The Goshawk), but on the other side of the pond “buzzard” is a broad term that, in my home part of the country, refers to a turkey vulture. It has other meanings in other parts, but rarely any kind of a hawk. According to this Wikepedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzard, they are almost antonyms. Two nations, separated by a common language indeed!

  2. I think the Common Buzzard is what we call a buzzard here – on the RSPB’s Guide. I had no idea the term had such varied meanings, though, so thanks for the information, Diane.

    I wish I could claim some credit for the composition, but that’s just where it landed. Maybe I can take credit for cropping tightly enough to remove the lamppost, but loosely enough to keep plenty of the roofs in shot?

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