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So, things had slowed down on the slimming front. It was inevitable, really. A continuous run of a stone a month only happens to people when they’re sick or named Kevin (sorry, group in-joke there). On Katrina’s advice I became an interim target member a few weeks ago which really took the pressure off me for a while. And since then, with only one exception, things have improved. Last night I celebrated my first two-week consecutive run of weight loss, and for the first time in months, brought home the fruit basket as the Slimmer of the Week.

Sam wins Woman of the Year 2008.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a boost, my friends in my new group voted me their Woman of the Year last night. For the second year running! Last year I was at Frankie’s group, and I have to say that if anything winning this year means more to me. I feel inspired to keep on going, and it’s just the boost I needed. Thanks everyone!

Congratulations to Tiverton’s other Women of the Year – Su Bowler, Sue Prior, Vicky Bellamy and Carol Hawkins. All well deserved – best of luck in the district final Vicky!

2 thoughts on “How’s this for a boost?

  1. Congratulations Sam, you deserve the award so much! You truly are an inspiration to members everywhere, and knowing that even you also have the occasional ‘wobble’ with the plan makes me feel not so alone. I am quite sure that we will read your story in the mag one day soon! GO GIRL!

    Note to self: must learn to comment on the correct blog entry! Sorry Sam!

  2. Hello Sarah, lovely to hear from you again. So glad to see you’re still enjoying the blog. Thanks for your nice comment! Doing my best to continue this winning streak now the end’s in sight… it’s still about 7 stone away if I want to be in with a chance of any of the competitions, but it’s in sight. I’m over halfway. I can do this because, let’s face it, when done properly Food Optimising really isn’t a chore, is it? All that delicious food we can have? It’s fabulous! It just requires a bit of thought, a bit of organisation and lots of support.

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