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We’ve had Super Glue for years now.  Where is our Mega Glue and Ultra Glue?  We haven’t even had Super Glue Pro and Super Glue Pro II yet.


Why don’t the same sizes that apply to umbrellas apply to other things too?  I want my drinks available in Small, Medium, Golf and Fishing.


We have spreads called Utterly Butterly, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Butter by Far and You’d Butter Believe It.  The next one will be called Hey Butter Boy, Cram This Down Your Maw.

3 thoughts on “Product Names

  1. Very good point. Next time I buy some glue I’m going to ask for Ultra Glue because that Super Glue isn’t good enough. We’ll see what they make of that.

  2. No, we’ve moved on to Mega 8 wire which requires Ultra Glue to stick the ends together.

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