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The first fountain pen I bought that I really liked was a Lamy Safari, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them.  I have a couple of Safaris, a Vista, an AL-star, an Accent (well, that one’s Sam’s really), and a 2000 (Sam’s again).  They have their faults – they tend to skip with pressure – but for the most part, they’re nice smooth-writing pens.  A couple of links from Brassing Adds Character first:


  • All about the Benjamins – Ryan’s top picks for pens around the $100 mark.  The Lamy 2000 is in there, though it costs a fair bit more than that over here in the UK.

  • An extraordinarily rare Lamy 2000 – a little story of how Matt gets his Lamy 2000 reground at the DC pen show.

  • Lamy at Cult Pens – yes, we finally have Lamy at Cult Pens. Only a limited range so far, but we’ll be expanding it soon.