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If you don’t have one or more cats, this post is going to be of very little interest. Really.

We’ve tried many different types of cat litter, though. Very few are flushable, which makes disposing of them a problem. Many are clumping, but most of those don’t seem to work very well. One good wee, and most of the litter turns into a big clump, which you then have to dispose of. We’d pretty much settled on Catsan before this (Yes, they have a web site, but it’s so awful I won’t hurt your ears by linking to it). It did a good job generally, but wasn’t flushable, and after a while, the tray just starts to fill with wee, and has to be emptied completely.

OkoPlus Cat’s Best actually does seem to work. Yes, a wee still makes a big clump, but it doesn’t seem to use up much of the litter at all. It can be flushed, though it does sometimes take a little while for a big lump to break up enough to flush easily. Best of all, though, the stuff just lasts and lasts. The bag claims to last for ten weeks with a single cat, which seems pretty accurate. Because it clumps, there’s no need to regularly empty out all the litter and start again.

All that means less money spent on cat litter, and less trips to the pet shop – and less often having to carry a big heavy bag of cat litter up the stairs outside our top-floor flat.

Because it’s easier to keep clean and clear, we do a better job of looking after the trays, too, which Sweeney seems to like. Win-win.

(Oh, and if you don’t have a cat and you’re still reading – you must be very bored.)

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