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I got a new pencil today – a Lamy Scribble 0.7mm, with palladium trim.

I’ve liked the look of the Scribble for a while, and seeing them for real didn’t disappoint. I think the black ones look just as good as the palladium ones, but the palladium seemed to match my Lamy 2000 fountain pen a bit better.

I’ve not had it long yet, but I’m liking it so far – I’ve filled it with Pentel AIN 2B leads. It has a tiny tubular lead sleeve, that retracts all the way back inside to make it pocket-safe, and the clip can be removed for those who like to roll the pencil to keep the point a bit finer. I quite like to roll, but I need my pencil to clip to me, so the clip stays on.


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2 thoughts on “Lamy Scribble 0.7

  1. Hi,

    I also jut purchased the Lamy (.7 mm, black) and so far it is great. Except one thing: There is a small lag . More precisely, when the pencil is assembled correctly and when the lead is completely inside the cylindrical silver tube, and as I go to press on the top to release the lead, the silver sleeve/tube comes out when little or no pressure. The lead remains inside the sleeve, however. I can push back the silver tube and feel a force on the top where yu would go to release the lead, or pull the top lightly and the silver retracts… it is almost as the body is slightly shorter than the lead release mechanism. When more pressure to the top is applied the lead comes out and retracts properly but this sleeve thing is perplexing me. I might just insert a washer that is applicable to the bottom screw-on part or simply leave it. Any suggestions?

    Also, I have other pencil that I enjoy writing with (a Zebra something [forget the model], and a staedtler integrity with the double grip which appealed to me immediately (highly recommended by the way)), and as a MP enthusiast with your experience do you know of the average “life” of the pencil? Particularly, I feel like the release mechanism which is some sort of spring activation, would that eventually die or wear off? what would you expect for a moderately pricey brands such as stadtler or lamy pencils?

    thanks, and i appreciate the feedback!!


  2. Hmm. That doesn’t sound right at all. The sleeve should take a push to extend – not much of a push, but still a push. It should be more than would normally happen without meaning to. Sounds like a fault to me – I’d probably take it back to where you got it, and swap it, or at least compare it to another to see if yours is different.

    Lifespan is difficult for me to say much on – I tend to use lots of different pens and pencils, and don’t usually use any of them too much. I’ve heard of plenty working just fine for quite a few years, though, and price doesn’t usually have too much to do with it. Pilot SuperGrips can last for years, and so should a Staedtler, Zebra or Lamy. Taking abuse is another matter, and some will do better than others at that. I have an Ohto Super Promecha in front of me that would probably serve well in combat 😉

    There are usually plastic parts inside the clutch mechanism, which may wear down against the metal rings, but it certainly shouldn’t happen quickly.

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