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I recently tried out Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom – an excellent RAW editor.  There are a couple of problems with it, though.  For one, it’s quite expensive.  If you’re a pro, and you need the best, you probably won’t care too much about that – it’s worth the money.  When you’re an amateur, though, you have to decide how much it’s worth spending on your hobby.  In either case, £200 spent on software is £200 you can’t put towards your next camera or lens.

The other problem is that I want to just point an app at my folder full of photos, and…  well, that’s it.  With Lightroom, I had to import each set of photos after adding them, which took quite a while.  Any changes, renamed folders, etc., it didn’t just find them – I had to import again, and delete old stuff.  Yes, there’s an option to get it to just sync all changes, but it had to be left overnight.  At least.  It seemed to be built around the idea of having one catalog file for each little set of photos you take.  That probably suits the way a lot of professionals work, but it doesn’t suit me.  I like to be able to search all of my images at once, and sometimes I just take one or two photos in a day, and don’t want to have to create a new catalog and run an import routine just to see how they turned out.

I think I’ll be sticking with Picasa for most of the basics now, with The GIMP for the more advanced editing. Lightroom is very impressive, but it just doesn’t suit me.

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  1. It didn’t suit me either. Now I just name my best individual images, keeping the original frame number, then make folders that are meaningfully named. Windows search tools do the rest. The trick is keeping the number, so if my pictures are small, on web pages, I can search for the big files locally. How many times can a man make a decent IMG_9999 in a lifetime? Delete all the crap: just don’t store it.

  2. I’m way too much of a packrat to not store crap. My ‘Photos’ folder currently stands at 87.7Gb, in 32,942 files. I get a few good shots by making it statistically inevitable 😉

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