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It’s ten years ago today that we registered the domain pigpog.com.

We didn’t have a web site on it at first – it was mainly registered for the sake of having permanent email addresses, at a time when a few people were starting to block anything from webmail addresses as likely spam.

The earliest version of the site on Archive.org is from December 1999, when we thought we were funny.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to PigPog – 10 Today

  1. When we thought we were funny, we thought Bill Hicks was God, and I didn’t give a damn about my weight. Oh how times have changed… I now know I’m only funny when I’m not trying to be, I think Bill Hicks had a point, and well, we all know what happened about my weight.

    Sharing our 10th anniversary are a couple of young upstarts who have done rather well for themselves, Amazon UK and Google. Happy anniversary guys, drinks are on you.

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