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We went out for a fun walk today.  We started by heading down to the old railway line, which has been converted into a nice tree-lined walkway.  When we ran out of walkway there, we cut up the lane to join the Grand Western Canal, and back along there to the Ducks Ditty, for a couple of drinks with friends.

We started in heavy fog, which made all the cobwebs very visible. They were kind of pretty, but also a reminder of just how many spiders surrounded us. The sun came out later, though, and it turned into a nice warm day.

You can see all the photos from the trip in this gallery, but here are a some I particularly liked…

Misty Farm Building

High Cobweb

Cobweb 4

Sun Shines on the Green Canal 1


One thought on “Walking Along the Old Railway Line and Canal

  1. Love the misty farm building. It is just what one might imagine of the British countryside but that palm tree against the bright blue sky looks like it was shot on a tropical island. Quite unexpected along a canal in the U.K.

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