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In the interests of keeping all my Slimming World ramblings in one place, I’ve started a new blog…

A Sizeable Rump! – Thoughts from a Slimmer’s World

… where I hope writing about my adventures regularly will help me stay on the wagon.

Just regular blog posts for now, but when I’m brave enough I’ll start doing video content so you can all see just how sizeable that rump of mine is, or hopefully, isn’t.

2 thoughts on “A Sizeable Rump! – The new home for weight-loss blather.

  1. hope I’m leaving this comment in the right spot Sam! I’ve just been reading about you meeting/seeing your “other” man and the Slash story. wow seems like 100 years ago now sigh. Thanks for bringing it backto memory – brought a smile to my face on a pretty crap day x

  2. Hey! No, you’re not in the right place, but never mind. Needless to say, I thought about you quite a bit when I was in London last week. That was a grand old time and if we ever get to do it again, that would be great. Hope you’re okay. xx

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