Me, Statistically Speaking

Came across Daytum when I spotted the awesome and deity-like Merlin playing with it. Fancied a go myself, so sent a request to access the beta version. Everything you need to know about my everyday comings and goings in handy bite-sized chunks. From how much time I spend at the gym to exactly how much […]

Upgrading My Camera Kit

Once we sold our house, and had a bit of money to spare, I wanted to upgrade my camera kit.  I had a Nikon D40, with the kit 18-55 lens, along with a 55-200 VR lens.  Together, they could handle most things, but there were a few problems: I often missed shots because I had […]

Buying Drives at Staples

I decided I wanted a new external USB drive to go with my Mac, to use for Time Machine backups.  We already had two LaCie drives, and liked them a lot, so figured another 500Gb one would do nicely. When we came to look at them in our local Staples (in Exeter), I spotted another […]

Switching to Mac Part 3: The Unboxing

This post is part of a series of posts about switching to a Mac – here are links to all the posts: Switching to Mac Part 1: The Decision Switching to Mac Part 2: The Retail Experience Switching to Mac Part 3: The Unboxing Switching to Mac Part 4: In Use Switching to Mac Part […]