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It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I have to admit that I had been rather green-tinged since Michael purchased his behemoth of an iMac, and have spent many a lonely morning gazing longingly at the 24″ display that dominates his desk.  However, I had just bought a new computer too, an Acer machine running Vista, so was determined to make the most of my choice.

Imagine my horror, then, when on Sunday evening I returned home to find my PC wouldn’t start up.  Checking as thoroughly as we could without taking the thing apart and breaking the seal that would void any warranty, Michael concluded that it was, in his considered technical opinion, knackered.  I’d had the thing less than three months and wasn’t impressed that it managed to crap out so quickly.  Apparently, it’s something to do with bathtubs – which is funny, because I was using a very similar sounding word when trying to make do with my little Aspire One netbook as a substitute PC, a machine that’s fine for using in bed or while travelling but a total pain in the arse to use as a main machine.

My husband took pity on me, bless his heart, and told me to pay a visit to the Apple Store in Exeter and choose myself a shiny christmas present.  So here I am broadcasting from my very own iMac.  

I am by no means an expert with computers.  At best I’d call myself an enthusiastic novice… happy to try anything as long as there’s someone on hand to help me out if I get stuck.  I was surprised at how quick and easy the Mac was to set up.  Within half an hour of opening the box, I was up and running.  As millions of Mac enthusiasts before me have said, it just works!

Love it to bits, and I’m looking forward to exploring, playing and finding out more.

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