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Our car, Bob, was booked in for a service today. Sam was working from 11:00, but the car was booked in at 09:00 in Exeter. That meant I had to leave far too early for a Saturday morning, to get the car serviced, and won’t see Sam until she finishes her shift at M&S at 18:00.

Whilst waiting, I had a walk around the industrial estate/business park at Marsh Barton, and around the attached retail park. I picked up an external drive for Sam, so she can back up her Mac with Time Machine, and a spare USB hub, as we need an extra.

I was hungry, and there was a McDonalds right there, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. There are a couple of cafes on the industrial estate, but both had quite a few people in them, and I hate eating alone in a cafe. I ended up with a sausage and bacon baguette and a pastie from a garage, which were a lot better than they sound. I found a nice quiet area with a conveniently seat-height wall, and a fence behind, which was quite comfortable.

I returned to Hendy Honda, took advantage of the free coffee, and settled in to watch some rallying, followed by Top Gear.

Soon, the car was done, and I left – a fair bit poorer, but at least Bob is all checked out and maintained.

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  1. I love eating alone in cafes. They’re where I do most of my writing.

    Yesterday I spent a couple hours at Argo Tea.

    There may be a buggie in the comments form. Text doesn’t wrap so I can’t see anything past XX characters unless I use a hard return.

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