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When I got my new camera gear, I’d included a Nikon SB-600 flash. It worked well off-camera, and I really enjoyed using it. As soon as I did, though, I ran into situations where a second flash would be useful.

If the SB-600 worked out well, I’d always intended to add a second, bigger, light. The day came today. The SB-800 seems to be disappearing, replaced by the SB-900. The 900 is bigger, more expensive, and more powerful. A bit more than I need, though, I think. When Jessops in Taunton had an SB-800 at a reasonable price today, I grabbed it.

Even with the extra battery clipped on for faster charges, it fits into my camera bag nicely. Along with the SB-600, it makes a great kit. Stick the 600 where less work is needed, and both can recover quite quickly between shots.

Overall, a nice addition to the kit, and should make a certain assignment in January a bit easier.

2 thoughts on “More Light

  1. Your next purchase could be a couple of cheap, eBay wireless flash slave untis, so you could use your two flash guns together, even when the one can’t see the other’s light output for a trigger. That would then let you hide them out of shot.

  2. I think the next thing will be a stand, and maybe a brolly. I may well think about radio triggers later, but just exploring what CLS can do is enough to be getting on with for the moment!

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