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One of my resolutions for 2009 is to blog more, to share more of my thoughts and bletherings over here to, well, get them out of my head and somewhere retrievable and possibly entertain one or two folks along the way. So here I thought I’d share some of the things I’m looking forward to over the coming year and a few wishes for things to do on that mythical moment in time we like to call at some point.

Looking forward to…

24th January

The Red Balloon Gang at Luigi’s Ashes to Ashes forum are getting together for a late Christmas bash in London.  It’s the friendliest branch of fandom I’ve encountered since the demise of Slashaholics Anonymous, and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting a few new folks too.  This time Michael’s coming along to capture the evening in photo and video.  Since this event is going to include some very dodgy attempts at re-enacting scenes from the series, there’s bound to be an amusing video or two available for viewing afterwards.

Slimming World’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Looks like there’s going to be lots going on at Slimming World this year as the company celebrates its 40th Anniversary.  And I know Katrina will be making the most of each and every event to make this slimming lark as fun as possible for everyone who goes to her groups.  More on that over on my Sizeable Rump blog as and when they happen.


Good Friday is when the Grand Western Canal area springs to life again, with the Tea Gardens and the much-loved Ducks’ Ditty re-opening for business.  And trips on the Horse Drawn Barge start up again.   We’re so fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful and fun place.

All the stuff we don’t know about yet

Half the fun of life is the stuff we don’t know about.  Happenings that just take us completely by surprise.  That’s how we ended up down here in Devon, it’s how I ended up joining Slimming World, and back in 1996, it’s how I ended up meeting and falling in love with my best friend.  What’s this year going to bring?  Stick around, and we’ll find out together.


  • To get out to the coast more often this year.

  • To go to a wine tasting.

  • To go on holiday to France.

  • To take on another course of some kind.  Last one was Delivering Learning in 2006, maybe I can find something I can practically use this time.

  • To go on a shopping spree with some of my girlie chums at Cabot Circus or better yet, London.

  • To find a job that I enjoy.  Hm.  Might be a tough call this one…

Here’s to a great year.  Chaz to the Luigi’s lot, cheers to everyone else!