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I had a go at signing up for ShutterStock. They require you to submit a “government issued” ID as part of the sign-up process, which seemed a bit excessive. I took a snap of my driving license, and submitted that. It wasn’t great, but was quite readable.

They’ve just rejected it, claiming they couldn’t read the name. I’ve had another look at the file, and the name is perfectly readable. They now insist on a passport.

I don’t have a passport. They just rejected the only form of government-issued ID I have, so I guess I’m not signing up for ShutterStock.

2 thoughts on “Failing to Sign Up for ShutterStock

  1. That’s ridiculous to be requesting for a government issued iD. Beware they are not using your information for ID fraud.

  2. They’re a pretty reputable agency, so I doubt there’s anything fraudulent going on. Just a bit over-the-top for ID requirements.

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