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a.k.a. “Sam makes a tit of herself in public again.”

Regular visitors to this here site will no doubt be aware of my occasional weird and wonderful adventures.  I’m at my happiest when doing things that at best could be described as ‘eccentric’, and in recent years this has included attempting stand-up comedy, writing a book about a fictional boy band and more recently, turning up at my Slimming World meeting dressed as legendary nonce-kicking TV copper Gene Hunt.

Well I have to admit I’ve developed quite a taste for the latter. So when the ladies who frequent the web’s best Ashes to Ashes Fan Forum and virtual trattoria Luigi’s got together for a bash last weekend, it had to be done again.


This time, though, I wasn’t in the company of bewildered Slimming World members, but fellow A2A fangirls. Fangirls who often find it difficult to control themselves when faced with The Guv in the suit, the coat, and the gloves. Most managed, some didn’t…


… I was fighting the ladies off in the end. God knows how Philip Glenister copes!

But this wasn’t just about donning a suit and posing for the camera. A few of us decided to put on re-enactments of our favourite scenes from the show. And here, captured on video for your viewing “pleasure” are a couple of scenes brought to you by the Luigi’s A2A Players and sponsored by Bollinger…

A2A Players present… Showdown Outside Luigi’s from Sam Randall on Vimeo.

Clip of the original scene can be found here.

A2A Players present… un-bloody-breakable! from Sam Randall on Vimeo.

Clip of the original scene can be found here.

All players are available for parties and corporate events.

No mullets were harmed during the making of these clips.

I look back on these and think… I’m 35 years old. Happily married (yes, he puts up with all of this and still doesn’t divorce me!). Surely I should be doing more sensible things with my time, in the ‘real’ world? Then I look at the real world and think, you know what? Stuff it. We’re grown-ups now, and it’s our turn to decide what that means.. So sod it, I’m gonna keep on playing. I suggest you do too. It’s a hell of a lot more fun than worrying about the recession.

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