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“Do something funny for money”, they said. And being a keen supporter of Comic Relief, and having a particular fondness for being silly, I had to oblige. So I got together with the lovely Katrina and we arranged a few special Red Nose Day treats at Tiverton’s Slimming World meetings.

Don't say we didn't warn 'em

And of course, I had to raid the dressing-up box again. Well, something funny was going on at Slimming World, and someone had to go in and investigate.

Red Nosed Gluv Luv

So, ably assisted by DI Drake, a raid took place on the 5pm group in the hope of finding out why people go to these meetings and gradually disappear, and to raise a bit of cash for Red Nose Day.

Open up!  POLICE!

Of course, we know why people who go to these meetings gradually disappear. I’ve been gradually disappearing myself for a while now (let’s just gloss over those bits that reappeared…). As for the cash, we raised over £200.

Big thanks to everyone who helped made this a success – particularly Annabel, who came over from Dorset to play DI Drake and cover The Guv’s lines when my voice, like the people at the meeting, gradually disappeared. Damn lurgy.

Meanwhile, on the subject of DCI Hunt, the wonderful Philip Glenister did a fine old job of bringing the funny for the money on Red Nose Day. Check out his fine turn as Pierce Brosnan in French & Saunders’ parody of Mamma Mia.