Home :: Mac users only: MacHeist 3

I’ll say this right up front – I’m posting this at least partly in the hope of getting more free stuff.

If you use a Mac, though, and you haven’t seen this year’s MacHeist promotion yet, it’s well worth checking out. You get a bundle of apps, for one price: $39. Many of the apps would cost more than the bundle on their own, and 25% of the money goes to charity.

So, what are the highlights? That will depend on what you have a use for, but for me:

  • Two great fun games – World of Goo and Cro-Mag Rally.
  • Acorn – a reasonably well-featured photo editor. I trialed it a while ago, and decided to pass, but it’ll do nicely when thrown in with so much else.
  • Picturesque – makes it very easy to apply some simple 3D effects to photos – I certainly wouldn’t have bought it at full price, but it’s cute, and works well.
  • Espresso – looks like a very nice web editor. It’s locked until they reach $500,000 raised for charity, but it seems pretty likely they’ll manage that.

I took part in a ‘TweetBlast’ to get a couple more apps, including the fun Delicious Library.

If a couple of people use the following link, and decide to buy the bundle themselves, I’ll get a couple more freebies, including the rather decent Koingo Utility Package.

It’s well worth a look, and probably worth buying if there are a couple of items there you’d use – there are only two days left to buy.